TFCO Research

TFCO has repeatedly been demonstrated to have a positive impact on a variety of outcomes for young people in the USA, the UK, and also in other European countries. Successful completion of the TFCO programme has been shown to reduce criminality and days spent in custody, both immediately after TFCO and also at 3 year follow-up (Bergstrom & Hojman, 2015, Cochrane Systematic Review 2008).

It has been demonstrated that TFCO delivers comparable results for high-risk adolescent girls in both the USA and UK as regards improvements in violent behaviour, risky sexual behavior, self-harm and participation in school activities. 

Furthermore, UK outcomes over the last 10 years demonstrate that young people who successfully complete TFCO, experience;

·         Overall improvements in their global level of functioning in daily life

·         Significant improvements in a variety of problematic behaviours

·         Reductions in the occurrence of high risk behaviours

In the younger cohort of children completing TFCO, there is international evidence of behavioural improvement during placements, reduced carer stress, and improved placement stability. In the UK, 8 years of evidence from those children completing the TFCO programme has demonstrated;

·         Significant reduction in problematic behaviour

·         Significant improvements in areas of adaptive functioning in daily life

·         90% placement stability at 5 year follow-up

·         40% of children being adopted between 1 and 5 year follow-up from placement

Research conducted in relation to TFCO used in Intensive Fostering has also demonstrated positive results. Please click here if you would like to read more