Staffing an TFCO-UK programme

The composition of the TFCO team is crucial for the successful delivery of the TFCO model.  Each clinician has a specific role within the team that allows for a coordinated approach to working towards treatment goals across all areas of the young person’s life; foster home, biological family, education and social. These are considered the essential staffing requirements for a TFCO team.

When the implementation of TFCO began in the UK it was recognised that the statutory arrangements and the context of looked after children were very different to those in America.  It was therefore agreed with the model developers that additional roles may be necessary in the UK TFCO teams. These can be considered desirable or optional roles but are not a requirement for a team to become accredited with the model developers.

Click here for a brief downloadable summary of the roles and responsibilities for each role within a TFCO team, with some guidance as to the grade or profession best suited for each role.   There is variation in staffing requirements between TFCO-A, C and P programmes; for further information see the TFCO Staffing Requirements Table.

If you would like more information on staffing a TFCO programme, or details around recommended salaries and grades, please feel free to Contact Us.