TFCO-UK Foster Carers


Foster carers are essential members of the treatment team; without carers there is no team.  Their primary role is to implement the young person’s TFCO-UK treatment programme in their homes, while maintaining a supporting and encouraging relationship.  They are the eyes and ears of the programme and maintain close communication with the team’s Team Leader.

There are three different TFCO-UK programmes that provide placements for different aged children; TFCO-UK-A  (11-17 years), TFCO-YJ-C (7-11 years) and TFCO-UK-P (3-6 years).  Across all three programmes, the TFCO-UK model uses a set of similar strategies that help foster carers manage young people’s behavioural and emotional challenges.  Managing challenging behaviour helps to keep young people safe and gives them opportunities to develop more appropriate behaviours and skills. The Team Leader helps foster carers to learn to use each of the TFCO-UK tools skilfully and will coordinate how foster carers and the clinical team are working together to achieve the same goals for the young person.


Differentiating Features of the TFCO Programme

  • TFCO-UK is a team approach and foster carers are considered part of the treatment team and attend a weekly foster carer meeting with the Team Leader, to support and learn from each other
  • Ideally only one young person is placed with a family at a time
  • Foster carers receive training in the TFCO-UK model before a young person is placed
  • Regular respite is part of the TFCO-UK treatment plan
  • Foster carers receive an enhanced level of support from programme staff; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Placements are time limited, generally between 9 and 12 months
  • Foster carers implement an individualised, structured programme for each young person under the guidance of a Team Leader


Five Main Objectives of the TFCO Programme

  • Provide the young person with close supervision
  • Provide the young person with fair and consistent limits and consequences
  • Provide a supportive relationship with at least one mentoring adult
  • Minimise association with peers who may be a bad influence
  • Increase the young person’s relationship and work/academic skills


To find out more about becoming an TFCO-UK foster carer you can contact one of the current TFCO sites in the UK by following this link or you can contact someone from the National Implementation Service for an informal chat.