Setting up a TFCO-UK programme

The National Implementation Service (NIS) has over a decade of experience in assisting sites with the development and implementation of TFCO-UK programmes. 

Working closely with a designated NIS consultant you will receive support and advice on key areas during initial development:   

  • Needs analysis of local population
  • Funding and sustainability option
  • Stakeholder collaboration and support
  • TFCO-UK team requirements
  • Recruitment of carers and clinicians
  • Referral processes

Your NIS consultant will attend Steering Groups, provide regular phone calls and can attend stakeholder events to promote a clear understanding of the TFCO model and the requirements for developing a successful and sustainable TFCO-UK programme. 

Once the TFCO-UK team is in post the NIS provides:

  • Clinical team and Foster Carer training.
  • Weekly consultation calls to the Team Leader
  • Regular model fidelity reviews
  • Access to the TFCO-UK members’ website
  • Annual professional development opportunities for TFCO-UK clinicians