TFCO: Reducing the running costs and funding via SIBs.

The NIS has been working closely with UK TFCO teams and the model developers in Oregon to reduce the running costs of TFCO and improve its longer term sustainability. 

You can now find information here about a revised staffing structure for TFCO teams which could offer savings for past and future implementers of TFCO.  

Additionally, the government drive to share the cost of public sector services with other financial providers could be a great opportunity for new and existing TFCO sites.

Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are a source of funding offered by charitable investors who are looking for social returns on their investments, rather than a profit.

Given that TFCO is evidence based and offers tangible, measurable improvements to social outcomes this makes it an attractive investment for SIB funding. The Manchester, Action for Children, TFCO-A team has been successfully funded by a SIB, and has seen significant sucesses in relation to their usage of this funding model. 

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