Oxfordshire MTFC-P re-accreditation

14th May 2015


The NIS is delighted to announce that Oxfordshire MTFC-P programme has been re-accredited by the model developers, OSLC Community Programs, Oregon, USA.  They successfully met all nine of the criteria that were assessed achieving consistently high scores across the board. 

The team's re-accreditation demonstrates their high levels of model adherence, which arguably results in better outcomes for the children who complete the programme.  Since, Oxfordshire's initial certification period in January 2008 they have had 27 children through their programme with 24 (89%) experiencing a positive outcome as classified by the model developers. 

Currently lead by Maggie Swarbrick (Programme Supervisor) and Julie Kennewell (Interim Programme Manager), the team continues to maintain very high standards of service delivery with fantastic outcomes for their children. 

Teresa Rogers (Service Manager) has congratulated the Oxfordshire MTFC Team for their recent re-accreditation, commenting: "We are very proud of our MTFC team’s work. The staff work very hard to help our most vulnerable looked after children to experience stability and achieve positive outcomes. I would like to thank staff and our incredible foster carers, for their dedication and commitment."

Maggie Swarbrick ( Programme Supervisor)  added: "We have found that the MTFC model has enabled the team to work confidently and effectively with our looked after children.  With the benefit of this consistent, evidence based Programme, our children have experienced growing  stability, which has enabled them to  move on successfully to permanence."