Training Overview


The NIS provides initial training in the three TFCO-UK models in order to ensure consistency of approach and fidelity to the treatment programme.

Core training in the TFCO-UK model is provided for each of the MTFC-A, MTFC-C and MTFC-P programmes, for clinical staff and foster carers prior to young people and children being placed. Following this a rolling programme of training is provided by the NIS; for example for replacement staff and new foster carers.


Foster Carer Training

Once Foster Carers have been approved, and received in-house training, they can then receive the additional training in the relevant TFCO-UK model. This provides the initial orientation needed to understand the principles and practice of operating the programme in the foster carers’ home. 


"Every carer should be given this type of training - it would make such a difference to the children's lives. Together with the team, I look forward to helping as many children as possible"

(TFCO-UK foster carer)


Clinical Team Training

The training for clinical staff is tailored depending on team roles. Training is arranged once the full clinical team has been appointed and are in place, and foster carers have been recruited and assessed.

A combination of didactic and experiential methods are used including role plays and practice examples.  

The training provides an introduction to the model, and opportunities to practice how the treatment programme operates. It is consolidated by ongoing consultation and feedback that provides detailed support for implementing the model.