Treatment Foster Care Oregon UK - School Age Children Programme

The School Age Children Programme (TFCO-UK-C) is designed for children aged between 7-11 years. The programme provides an intensive treatment for children who present complex and challenging behaviours and have experienced multiple placement breakdowns. The programme works with the child, their foster carer and the birth family, with the aim that they will be able to return home or move into a long term stable placement following their time in the programme.


Working with the child

The programme focuses on supporting the child to:

  • Develop skills in relationships
  • Increase pro-social behaviours
  • Achieve and get on well in school

Children in the C programme receive coaching which: 

  • Identifies and builds on their strengths
  • Enables them to develop new skills


Working with the foster carer as part of the team

The focus for foster carers looking after young people in the C programme is to:

  • Establish a nurturing and trusting relationship
  • Encourage and help children learn new skills
  • Manage challenging behaviour
  • Promote positive behaviour


Working with families

When children leave the programme and move to a permanent placement, the team works with the family to enable them to continue building on the skills and positive behaviours the child has developed.