Treatment Foster Care Oregon UK - Adolescent Programme

The Adolescent programme (TFCO-UK-A) is designed for young people aged between 11-17 years and offers a cost effective alternative to residential treatment for adolescents. The model has been shown to be effective with young people with histories of complex behavioural difficulties.

Specific treatment techniques are integrated from those therapies that have been shown to be most effective including cognitive, behavioural and family therapies. The programme works with the young person, their foster carer and their birth family, with the aim that the young person will be able to return home or move to a stable long term placement following their time in the programme.


Working with the young person

The programme focuses on supporting the young person to: 

  • Increase pro-social behaviours
  • Make the most of relationships with friends and family
  • Get on well in school
  • Enjoy leisure activities

The young person is coached in developing social and relational skills and supported to practice these in community settings. Through dedicated time with a therapist the young person is supported to build a range of coping strategies and problem solving skills and given the opportunity to address areas of difficulty in their lives.

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Supporting the foster carer as part of the team 

The focus for foster carers looking after with young people in the A programme is to: 

  • Provide effective supervision for the young person 
  • Enable a close, mentoring relationship 
  • Encourage and support young people 
  • Celebrate achievements 


Working with families 

Through the A programme both birth families and long term carers are provided with training and support to ensure that they can continue to support the young person when they leave the programme. This includes:

  • Training in parenting strategies that work for adolescents to enable a positive relationship with the young person
  • Support to enable the young person to build on the skills they have learned