UK Outcomes

There has been a detailed and significant analysis of outcomes from the implementation of the TFCO-UK Prevention programme. 

To date 116 children have been through the TFCO-P programme with over 96% (112) considered to have successfully completed the programme, moving on to less restrictive and lower cost placements.  

Prior to joining the TFCO programme, children have had a previous average of just over 3 placement moves. 

The NIS has compiled outcome data from UK TFCO-P sites on three areas of interest:


Placement Stability: over 90% of children who complete TFCO-P remain in the same placement at 5 year follow-up. 

Placement breakdown has negative psychological, social and academic consequences for children. It is also a predictor of future placement instability. These UK outcomes strongly supports previous evidence that TFCO-P increases placement stability.

Behavioural Improvements: children who successfully complete TFCO-P demonstrate significant improvements in a wide range of behaviour between entry and exit from their placement.

Reducing children’s challenging behaviours minimises the likelihood of placement disruption. It also increases opportunity for healthy relationships, success at school and in life.

Adoptive Placements: between exit and 5 year follow-up from TFCO-P, 41 (39%) children have moved to adoptive placements. 

The average age of children who were in adoptive placements following their TFCO-P programme was 4 years 4 months, plus the length of the placement. This indicates that TFCO-P could increase the opportunity for older children to be adopted.


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