User Feedback


Girl of 11 years talking about the structure of the programme and then the points & levels reinforcement system:

“How great it is to know what people want me to do”

“On level 1 points are given every day…every day is like Christmas Day!”


Team Leader talking about the step by step approach of the programme:

”We are seeing change day by day, week by week. We focus on one tiny goal to make a big difference…”


Boy of 12 years, with previous gang membership talking about his break from negative peers is helping him:

 “I have made new friends in the community. I have come on a long way”


Girl of 14 years, talking about the input from the Birth Family Coach and then her mum commenting on how this has helped the re-unification process:

“The BFC took me, my mum and brother on a day out to get to know each other again”


The girl’s mum:

“We have gone through an amazing transformation. I have no doubt that without the programme my family would have completely collapsed.”


A Respite Carer talking about the way they target behaviours:

“Every week we focus on one target. It makes a difference. Their social skills are improved and they are motivated. The first child we had is now confident in going to a barbers, going into a shop to ask for what he wants.”


Girl of 13 years with learning difficulties who wants other young people to know that the programme has been a good experience for her:

“Come on and try it out. If you like it say it, because I love it here!”


Boy of 15 years, from a youth justice setting – had his first placement at the site disrupted, was moved to another placement on the programme – is now doing very well:

 “It is hard to start with…I am nicer to people and I don’t smoke anymore. Being on the programme has stopped me going to a Young Offenders [institute] and that would wreck my life. Hopefully I can get my own house and car. Since being on the programme, I am in school and on a college course”


Boy of 13 years.  Eventually went off the programme with his original TFCO carer after his follow on plan fell through:

 “I got a Head Teacher’s award for the most improved pupil in maths and literacy!”